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Empowering Fluid Solutions: GenY Medium and C.R.I. Pumps Forge Strategic Digital Marketing Alliance

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Digital marketing solutions provider, GenY Medium, has partnered with C.R.I. Pumps to deliver fluid management solutions. In this arrangement, GenY Medium will be responsible for improving the digital marketing efforts of C.R.I. Pumps. They intend to use their expertise in online marketing to help C.R.I. Pumps reach new heights in the sector.

Subroto Sen, CEO of GenY Medium, showed his positivism towards collaboration by saying “Our team is fully committed to crafting and implementing digital marketing strategies that will not only elevate brand visibility but also boost sales and engage customers for C.R.I.Pumps”.

Dr.Sathya Narayanan, the Head of Digital Marketing at C.R.I.Pumps also expressed his excitement about the partnership.“C.R.I.is known worldwide for its Commitment, Reliability and Innovation. We have always sought to provide great value for our clients and expand globally.We believe GenY Medium’s extensive digital marketing skills and impressive track record will go a long way in helping us achieve those objectives.”

GenY Medium’s digital marketing services would be tailor-made to suit C.R.I.Pumps’ specific needs. The ideas must meet up with effectiveness as well as have an alignment with their goals. As such this partnership will improve CRI pumps’ ability to leverage on gen y medium’s expertise in different aspects of online marketing like performance advertising ,content creation ,social media management , search engine optimization (SEO),etc…


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