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Cleartrip Welcomes Tavleen Bhatia as New CMRO: Charting a New Course in Travel Innovation

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On April 1, 2024, Cleartrip, a subsidiary of Flipkart, announced that Tavleen Bhatia took over as the new Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer (CMRO). Tavleen has a lot of experience and has done a great job in the past with growing businesses and bringing in new ideas in online shopping. In her new capacity, she will be responsible for all marketing efforts while spearheading Cleartrip’s growth initiatives.

Prior to this position, Tavleen worked at Flipkart where she led all marketing initiatives aimed at making profits through its mobile section. She has more than 15 years’ experience of marketing and money-making for numerous companies; working with HUL brands such as Lakme, Dove and Sunsilk.

Prahlad Krishnamurthi who serves as the Chief Business Officer at Cleartrip expressed his happiness about having Tavleen on board. He explained that Tavleen would bring fresh thoughts to the table besides being capable of expanding the business further. He also added that she will be an asset to their team.

Tavleen herself said she is excited to start working with Cleartrip because she believes it’s an innovative company which emphasizes customer needs. She expects to leverage her experience in understanding customer requirements and collaboration with colleagues from other departments within Cleartrip to influence travel even more profoundly. In addition, she wants to make clear that the company is recognized by everyone around.

As Kunal Dubey leaves his post as Chief Marketing Officer while Tavleen takes over, he will take his leave elsewhere. He played a crucial role in designing original campaigns and adding value to corporate strategy for this reason during his tenure as CMO at Cleartrip.


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