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Gemini Models Boost Performance Max

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Discover the future of advertising with Performance Max’s latest advancements, now enriched with Gemini models. This evolution brings a new dimension to Google’s advertising landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities to connect with customers across all Google ad spaces. Here’s how these updates can transform your advertising campaigns:

Unlock New Heights with Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns are your gateway to Google’s comprehensive ad inventory, offering diverse opportunities to engage with your audience. The secret to success lies in a broad range of creative assets tailored to various customer needs and formats. Statistics reveal that advertisers achieving an “Excellent” rating in Ad Strength witness a 6% increase in conversions on average.

What’s New: Gemini Models Enter the Scene

We’re excited to introduce several innovative features designed to enhance your creative asset quality and scalability, including the integration of Gemini models into Performance Max.

Generative AI: A Game Changer in Performance Max

The inclusion of AI in advertising has revolutionized how campaigns are crafted, enabling the creation of more impactful and relevant creative assets. With marketers and agencies steering the creative direction, AI’s role is to refine and expand the creative possibilities based on deep customer insights.

In November, we launched AI-driven asset generation and image editing within Performance Max, simplifying the process of creating diverse text and image assets. These features are now globally available in English, with more languages on the horizon. The rollout will continue, with image editing set to become available worldwide soon.

The introduction of Gemini, Google’s most advanced AI model, further enhances these capabilities. Performance Max will now offer extended headline creation and soon, sitelink generation, both powered by Gemini’s sophisticated algorithms.

Upcoming upgrades, including Imagen 2 adapted for Google Ads, will allow for the generation of dynamic lifestyle imagery, showcasing people in action. This will also extend to editing capabilities, enabling the creation of new backgrounds featuring people. Advertisers have full control over the suggested images, ensuring alignment with their campaign goals while adhering to Google’s strict content policies.

Elevating Ad Strength and Creative Diversity

With the myriad of options for asset creation, ensuring your content hits the mark is crucial. Ad Strength acts as a real-time indicator of your asset’s variety and relevance, significantly enhanced by generative AI. Employing AI in asset creation can increase the likelihood of achieving Good or Excellent Ad Strength by 63%.

The emphasis on asset quantity and variety will grow, reflecting their critical role in leveraging Google’s diverse ad inventory. Here are three strategies to enhance your asset variety:

  1. Incorporate new assets: Leverage recommendations to add more assets from various sources, including AI-generated suggestions tailored to your existing content.
  2. Utilize external design platforms: Our expanding partnership ecosystem, starting with Canva, facilitates seamless integration of creative assets into your Performance Max campaigns.
  3. Embrace video content: Adding video to your campaigns can significantly boost conversions. Performance Max now offers improved video generation tools, making it easier to create compelling video content.

Streamlining Collaboration with Ad Previews

To enhance collaboration, we’re introducing shareable ad previews next month. This feature allows for easy sharing of ad concepts without the need for Google Ads access, streamlining the creative review process for teams and agencies.

These updates mark a significant leap forward in digital advertising, combining the power of AI with creative ingenuity to drive unparalleled campaign performance. Explore the new frontier of advertising with Performance Max and unlock your campaign’s full potential.


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