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Search Themes in Performance Max: Deep Dive with Examples

search themes in pmax

What are Search Themes?

  • Imagine keywords, but broader and focusing on intent. You choose short, descriptive phrases to tell Google what topics and user queries are relevant to your campaign goals (conversions, app installs, etc.).
  • Think of them as clues: You help Google understand who you want to reach and how they might search.


  • Reach new, relevant customers: Explore untapped areas beyond what the AI might pick up on its own.
  • Refine targeting without strict keywords: More targeted than broad targeting, but less restrictive than keyword lists.
  • Gain control and transparency: Provide valuable insights into what Google prioritizes.


  1. Ecommerce store selling shoes:
    • Search themes: “women’s running shoes sale,” “comfortable walking shoes for men,” “stylish boots for fall.”
    • This helps reach people searching for specific types of shoes, not just “shoes.”
  2. Travel agency specializing in adventure trips:
    • Search themes: “hiking vacations in Patagonia,” “affordable African safaris,” “solo travel adventure ideas.”
    • This attracts users actively looking for adventure trips rather than general travelers.
  3. Local bakery:
    • Search themes: “best croissants in town,” “gluten-free bakery near me,” “birthday cake delivery options.”
    • This targets people actively seeking bakery services, not just those casually browsing.

Let’s delve deeper into search themes using examples specifically tailored for Indian businesses:

1. Online Saree Store:

  • Search themes: “designer sarees for Diwali,” “handloom sarees online,” “bridal lehenga trends 2024,” “silk sarees under Rs.5000.”
  • These themes target different customer segments within the “saree” market, helping reach shoppers looking for specific styles, occasions, or price points.

2. Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat:

  • Search themes: “panchakarma detox retreat India,” “yoga and meditation retreats Himalayas,” “stress management programs for executives,” “affordable Ayurvedic treatments near me.”
  • These themes attract people actively seeking Ayurvedic solutions for various needs, beyond those simply interested in “wellness.”

3. Local Street Food App:

  • Search themes: “best chaat in Delhi,” “authentic Hyderabadi biryani near me,” “vegetarian street food options Mumbai,” “late-night food delivery Bangalore.”
  • These themes pinpoint people craving specific regional street food or late-night deliveries, reaching them effectively without relying on generic food app searches.

4. Traditional Handicrafts Marketplace:

  • Search themes: “handmade Madhubani paintings,” “handloom Banarasi sarees,” “wooden craft gifts for Diwali,” “unique souvenirs from India.”
  • These themes attract specific buyer segments within the broader handicrafts market, focusing on cultural significance, types of crafts, and festive occasions.

5. Educational Technology Platform:

  • Search themes: “JEE Main online coaching classes,” “best UPSC preparation apps,” “affordable English learning courses for kids,” “skill development training for rural youth.”
  • These themes target specific exam preparation demands, age groups, and learning needs within the education sector, ensuring efficient reach to interested users.

Important Notes:

  • Use 2-5 relevant themes per asset group for best results.
  • Choose themes specific to your business and target audience.
  • Monitor performance and adjust themes as needed.

Remember: Search themes are not keywords, they’re guiding lights. Google still uses its AI to find the best placements, but your themes give it valuable direction.

By harnessing the power of search themes, you can unlock new segments of potential customers and optimize your Performance Max campaigns for even greater success.


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