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What is Display & Video 360 (DV360)? – Programmatic Interview Question

what is dv360

What is DV360 ? – Introduction

Google’s DV360, which is short for Display & Video 360 is a full kit of all the tools associated with programmatic advertising by Google. It brings together everything that a marketer needs to run their campaigns like DoubleClick Bid Manager and Audience Center.

Brands and agencies can use this platform to manage everything from planning through measurement. This includes creating, buying and trafficking campaigns across various media types – including display, video, TV and audio.

One of the major capabilities in DV360 is its targeting features. Advertisers can narrow down on their ideal customers using data such as behavior or demographic details. For easy tracking of performance advertisers can employ Google Analytics and Google Ads integration.

DV360 also has an incredibly strong real-time bidding system where ads get served nearly instantly after loading a webpage – so that ad space is bought at the last possible moment.

A clear demonstration of this occurs in respect to transparency; marketers are able to change placement since they know exactly where their advertisements are reaching. Moreover, it comprises highly sophisticated measurements tools perfect for advertisers who want to comprehend how their campaign influences user behavior.

Finally, Display & Video 360 offers everything you need in one place – advanced targeting, real-time bidding and granular analytics all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. Therefore if you are looking to maximize your digital ad strategy’s effectiveness without the headache of managing different tools — look no further!


Interviewer: Can you talk about DV360 or Display & Video 360?

Interviewee: Of course, DV360 is actually Google’s integrated platform for executing and managing programmatic ad campaigns. It is so wide-ranging that it combines some capabilities from the previous tools of Google like DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio, and Audience Center.

Interviewer: What makes DV360 stand out in digital advertising?

Interviewee: Well, it’s the breadth and depth of what you can do on the platform. DV360 streamlines the whole advertising process — from planning and creating ads to buying ad space, executing campaigns, and analyzing their performance. It supports a wide range of ad formats too, including display, video, TV, and audio ads.

Interviewer: How does it handle targeting?

Interviewee: The targeting capabilities are really powerful. DV360 lets you precision-target your ads based on a multitude of criteria like demographics, interests, and behaviors. Plus, its integration with other Google products, such as Google Analytics, enhances your ability to track and understand campaign performance across the board.

Interviewer: What about buying ad space? How does that work in DV360?

Interviewee: DV360 uses a real-time bidding system, or RTB, which allows you to buy ad space in the milliseconds it takes for a webpage to load. This ensures your ads are served to the right audience at the right moment. And not to forget, it offers exclusive access to Google’s own inventory like YouTube and a vast network of third-party sites.

Interviewer: Sounds like it offers a lot of transparency and control.

Interviewee: Absolutely, that’s a huge part of its appeal. You get a clear view of where your ads are placed and how they’re performing. You can adjust your strategy on the fly based on real-time data. The platform also comes with sophisticated analytics tools, so you can dive deep into your campaign’s impact and continuously optimize for better results.

Interviewer: It seems like DV360 is a vital tool for advertisers.

Interviewee: Definitely. Whether you’re looking to execute complex digital advertising strategies or simply maximize the impact of your campaigns, DV360 provides a comprehensive, user-friendly suite of tools to help you achieve your advertising goals efficiently.


Wrapping up our discussion on DV360, it’s clear this platform by Google is a game-changer for anyone looking to advertise online. Imagine having a toolbox where every tool you need for advertising – like planning, creating ads, and checking how they’re doing – is right there at your fingertips. That’s what DV360 does. It takes all the complicated bits of running ads across the internet and puts them in one place. You can run ads on websites, videos, TV, and even podcasts.

The cool part about DV360 is how it helps you pick where your ads go. You can get really specific, choosing to show your ads to people based on what they like, where they live, or things they’re interested in. If you’re using other Google tools like Google Analytics or Google Ads, DV360 talks to them too, making it easier to see how your ads are doing.

Buying ad space is super fast with DV360. It uses a system that buys ad spots in the blink of an eye, right when someone is about to see your ad. This means your ad gets shown to the right person at just the right time. Plus, you get to use space on popular Google sites like YouTube and lots of other websites around the web.

Another big win with DV360 is that it lets you peek behind the curtain. You can see exactly where your ads are showing up and change things up if you need to. It also has some really smart tools to help you understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can make your ads better over time.

So, to sum it up, DV360 is like your all-in-one tool for online advertising. It makes the whole process easier and smarter, from finding the right people to show your ads to, to figuring out how well your ads are doing. If you’re looking to get your ads out there without losing sleep over the details, DV360 could be just what you need.


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